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Welcome to the introductory episode of Ditch Your Limits.

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Anything that stops you doing something or doing something consistently is a stumbling block and and the best thing to do, is to ditch it. So I did, I recorded outside despite the possibility of car alarms going off, aeroplanes flying over our home or cars turning in front of our drive. It was so liberating to just not care and deliver the message.

And you know how some people will tell you to take massive steps in order to achieve anything in your life, I particularly want to focus on you making small changes that will result in big wins in your life and business.

Jim Rohn said it best when he said …

Success is a few simple disciplines, practiced every day; while failure is simply a few errors in judgment, repeated every day. There is power in small wins and slow gains.

Recently, my friend and I talked about the personal development program, The Slight Edge, and our focus was mainly on how it’s the things that are so easy to do that are also easy not to do.

It’s easy to get out of bed an hour earlier and write, read or even exercise, but it’s also easy not to get up, especially on those cold mornings when the comfort of your bed is more appealing that getting up in the cold dark. I know that feeling, because I confess to not finding that easy.

But the thing to do, is to make it so that whatever you do, works for you. Some people can just jump out of bed, put on their clothes and running shoes and run out of the door without a thought. Maybe you find something more enjoyable to do in your extra hour and leave the running until later in the day. Applying a “one size fits all” can be the quickest path to failure because it’s the mindset that needs changing to align with the activity.

And if you’re not authentic in your daily life, it’s going to be a challenge to be authentic in your business. And I want you to be authentic!

I want to challenge you to get real by being your authentic self so you bring more YOU, (the real you), YOUR voice, (your own voice), and YOUR message, (your authentic message) to the marketplace.

So let me ask you a question … “Are you ready to be honest with yourself and have a spotlight shine on those areas that hinder you from doing what you’ve been called to do?”

You were destined for greater and it’s time to expose you to your greatness.

Until next time, keep the dream alive.

The Storytelling Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Trish Jones


This is the introductory episode of Ditch Your Limits, and I’m recording outside today and by doing so I’m ditching a limit. Stay tuned and I’ll tell you what that is.

Ditch Your Limits is the show where we break down some limiting beliefs so that you can get unstuck.

But first, let me tell you why I’m recording outside, because it’s no big deal, right, hey, everybody records outside.

Well back in 2008 when I first learned about video, everybody was teaching how you had to have the perfect background, the perfect lighting, and  basically if a dog made a sound, it was like your video was trashed. And I kind of grew up with that notion that I have to have the near-perfect setup in my office.

So the lighting has to be right, the background has to be right. And I thought, you know what, I’ve got to get rid of that notion. I’ve got to ditch that limits. I need to practice what I preach. So I’ve decided that whether the ambience out here is good enough or not, I’m going to record outside.

And initially I went outside in my back garden, and guess what? The traffic from the main road was really noisy. The neighbours are doing something in their garden, the kids in the other garden and making a lot of noise. And I’m like, right, okay, do you know what, let’s go out the front garden (or front yard, depending on whether you’re from America or not). And I come out here and guess what? A drill starts going, a car alarm starts going off, a plane was going overhead, and where we live, it is a cul-de-sac and our house is the turning point.

This means that often we’ll get cars come along here. So basically it meant that I was going to be breaking every rule, and I thought, you know what, let me just break every rule. So basically so long as it doesn’t bother you if a drill goes off, if a plane goes over, if a car turns up, just ignore it, because I’ve decided that’s exactly what I am going to do.

So this really is what Ditch Your Limits is all about.

We sometimes think that in order to ditch some limits, we’ve got to take these big massive steps. Because after all, this is what we have been taught … You want to make some changes, you’ve got to make some big changes …

When really it is small, seemingly insignificant things that if we change those, they would actually change the blockages that we have in our mind about certain things.

So for me, when I was recording my video, I felt that I had to have the near-perfect background, with the perfect lighting and the perfect audio. In fact, for me actually recording with my iPhone today with my lapel microphone, that in itself would be a “no no” because to me, the audio was unlikely to be good enough.

But you know what, good enough has to be good enough. If we at these people that are mega successful, they don’t look at these minutia things in the same way that we do. So anything that is a stumbling block, if we start off with those small things, guess what, it’s going to mean that we are able to get rid of the small stumbling blocks so that we can knock over the biggest stumbling blocks.

I love, the way that Jim Roan says it. He says …

Success is a few simple disciplines practiced every day. While failure is simply a few errors in judgment repeated every day, there is power in small wins and slow gains.

I mean for me that absolutely says it all … small wins. And that’s what ditch limits is all about. It is about mindset, it’s about taking action. It is about breaking down limiting beliefs, limiting in so far as they limit us from doing what we are supposed to do. Basically anything that stops you doing something at all or doing it consistently, you’ve got to ditch it.

And so for me, feeling that I’ve got to record inside all the time, I got to ditch that limit now.

My daughter started doing YouTube 18 months ago. And Christmas just gone was the first Christmas in a long, long time that we were actually ready the day before Christmas Eve, and it felt so good.

I’m in the kitchen and suddenly I hear, “oh my gosh, oh my gosh, mummy!”

And it was like this lamentation. In fact, first of all, I thought that somebody had died. I walked in the living room and said, “what’s the problem?”

She said, “I’ve done my video and it’s all blurry. I can’t put this up!”

I looked at it and I said, “Elodie, it’s not that bad. The audio is perfectly fine and people will put up with a little bit of blurriness, but they won’t put up with bad audio. Put it up.” And she’s going “no!”

And she kind of gets all upset to the extent that in the end she spilt some water on her laptop, but hey, we’ll forget that. But she wouldn’t listen to me. And then her friend Ellie stepped in … thank you Ellie … and said, Elodie, “it’s not that bad, I think you ought to put it up.”

She reluctantly put the video up with a frumpy face, And let me just say that at that point, (December, 2018) she had 2,500 subscribers on her YouTube channel. Today because of that video, she now has 62,000 subscribers.

That video literally blew up. That video, gave her more exposure and made her more influential on YouTube. And basically she does this part time, because she’s at college full time.

So putting up a blurry video as was a limit that she had to ditch. She had received this new camera months before and she needed to tell everybody, “hey, look at my camera quality. It is just so perfect.” And of course, she loved it when people said, wow, what camera are you using becausyour video is so crisp.

But she just had to ditch that limit.

As a result, 62,000 followers on YouTube, and she’s doing very well and enjoying it which is the most important thing.

So that’s really the introduction to what Ditch Your Limits is all about.

One more thing I just want to talk to you about, and that is the comments.

What I’m trying to create here is a positive environment where people can come and they can learn and they can ditch some limits so that they can break free from their limitations … from their limiting beliefs and so they can get unstuck.

So really what isn’t helpful is the negative comments.

And when I say negative comments, I am not talking about the comments against me. You can say what you like. If they’re downright horrible comments, I would just delete them. But on the other hand, I don’t expect you to tell lies if you want to be honest.

And that’s fine. Be Honest. But you just have to be honest, nicely. And more importantly, I do not want to see other people trashed because they are not good at spelling. Or the grammar police coming after them because their grammar is not perfect.

You don’t know whether for these people, English may not be their first language. It might be that they’re dyslexic. It might be that they have learning difficulties.

I always say …

You don’t know anybody until you know their story.

So if you are the grammar police or the spelling bee, please just understand that everybody is not like you.

I heard a really sad story the other day, and I tell you, it really did break my heart about a lady whose mother decided to comment on her video (just in support of her daughter). Her first language isn’t English because she’s an immigrant in America, and basically someone flamed her.

And when the daughter went back and explained that to the “flamer,” if I told you what the response was, you would be shocked, because it was shocking.

I just do not understand how we have some people in this world who basically think that they are better than anybody else just because they are good at spelling or good at grammar. And let me tell you …

The graveyards are filled with people who never ever fulfilled their potential. Because silently, even though they were intelligent, silently – because they may even have been geniuses – they were too afraid of being judged and therefore they never ever fulfilled their true potential.

Don’t let that be you. Don’t be that critical person.

I want you to support somebody else because let’s take my brother for example, my brother’s dyslexic, okay, but let me tell you, that boy can cook! 

Actually, he’s not boy now, he’s a man … but nobody cooks like my brother. And I’m telling you, when it comes to a conversation or an argument, nobody is as articulate as my brother.

We keep telling him, (if you’re in England and you know, Ainslie, that’s what we call him, Ainsley. And we used to keep saying to him, “why don’t you just kick Ainslie off the TV show and you get on there,” because he is funny as well. We call him the laughing chef.

So everybody, whether you can spell, whether you can’t spell, everybody has a purpose. And even those people who may not be able to spell very well, they may be an immigrant in your country, but they have every right, as much as anybody else, to fulfill their purpose and fulfill their destiny.

And I would love you to be one of those people who is encouraging that person to do what they have been called to do.

So needless to say, one of the things that we can do to ditch our limits is to stay focused on what we have been called to do … and mind our own business.

So that is the end of the introductory episode to Ditch Your Limits.

I’d love you to subscribe to my YouTube channel and hit the bell so that you get notifications when I put up other videos. And also if there are people you know who would benefit from this video, please do not hesitate to share because I think we’re living in an era where the opportunities are fantastic. But I also believe that we’re living in an era where we destroy our own opportunities because of our mouth, number one, and the way we think, number two, and the fact that we allow everybody else to tell us how we should live our lives and what we should do and say.

We need to start peeling back some layers so that we get back to the real person. And that’s why I say with regards to the comments, be nice because you don’t know what other people have been struggling with to get to where they are today.

Thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next episode. Take care now.


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Trish Jones is a Speaker, Storytelling Coach and Author, who empowers and equips women to create a business and life that's in harmony with who they are - from the inside out - by bringing more of their personality, their voice and their message via their story to the marketplace. Download her story success blueprint to find out more ... The Influential Woman PinkPrint.

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