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About Trish

Trish Jones: Wife, Mother, Inspirational Speaker,
Author, Life & Business Coach, Entrepreneur

Inspirational Speaker, Trish Jones

I'm also a daughter, sister, auntie, niece, friend and confidant to many.

My mission is to inspire entreprenerial women, including mumpreneurs, to rise up and take their place of influence in life and business ...

Here's How It All Began For Me ...

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Pregnant And Ready To Move On ...

I remember it well ... standing in my corner office having cleared out all of my personal belongings before my maternity leave, just in case I didn't return. The truth, I didn't want to return. I'd had enough, but I knew I had more to give.

As I stood looking aroud my office I prayed silently ... "God, I don't want to come back here and I want to do something that involves coaching and computers." 

Having no idea what that "something" was, I left for maternity leave some weeks later and gave birth to my baby girl in February that year, 2002. I tried to make myself want to go back, but one day at my mothers, as I held my baby in my arms a selfish feeling came over me as I looked at her and my heart shouted, no one is going to look after my baby except me.

I had three excellent babysitters ready to look after her, including my mum, but this was my job, my privilage, my right! And I wasn't about to give any of those things up.

I'm happy to report that I've never been back to the corporate world since.

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How I Fell Into Business Coaching

Having left the corporate world, I pleaded with my husband to allow me to become a life coach and work from home. He reluctantly said yes, and so I went about trying to get my website built. It was a nightmare. I soon realised that most designers had little clue about marketing and were more focused on "look good" rather than "get found."

So my husband suggested I build my own site, to which I responded, "that's what tech-heads do and I'm not one of them." Long story short, I became a tech-head. I fell into marketing coaching after months of frustration trying to get designers to give me what I wanted - a site that could sell my services while I slept, rather than a site that looked good.

I've attracted and worked with clients all over the world, many of whom found me through my blog and social media. When I'm not serving over at The Influential Woman Coaching Academy, I am usually found working privately with a select few clients helping them get more visibility for their message online.

I'm happily married to Mr Tall, Dark and Handsome, aka Chris, and we share one oh so beautiful daughter. Oh and by the way, forgive my spelling, I'm British and I love my Queen!  

I Told You He IS Tall, Dark And Handsome! And That She IS Beautiful ...

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Why Entrepreneurial Women?

Well, if God told me I had only 24 hours to live, but I had to do something awesome in those 24 hours, I'd grab a huge human magnet, lift out every unhappy entrepreneur from their corporate employer's office, put them in a huge stadium and show them their potential. All this before releasing them into their greatness. So there you have it, I love working with passionate entrepreneurs, ministry leaders, solo professionals and small business owners who are ready to make a difference through their message.

And I particularly love working with women because I love to get real about what women really want. Not all of us are hungry to be multimillionaire - though a million would be nice - and I'm personally fed up with the media forcing women to want the same things as men ... we don't. Yes, as a mumpreneur, I wanted to "have my cake and eat it" - I wanted to stay home and raise my daughter, and still earn an income, but I was more interested in purpose and destiny, not merely money and fame. I want that for every woman ... to feel as though they're living a life fulfilled. 

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My Expertise

I'm a storyteller and heart, and I believe storytelling to be one of the most powerful marketing and transformational tools on planet earth. I therefore teach entrepreneurs and business owners how to market their message using real-life stories, and then use WordPress and social media platforms to deliver their message. 

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What I Offer

You can have me coach you one-to-one, you can hire me to speak at your next event, or if you're a woman on a mission with a message, you can come join us over at The Influential Woman Coaching Academy. I'll show you how to craft your most compelling story, exact the value from it and turn it into a message so your market hears and feels you ... literally. My encouragement to you is that you "teach what you love" and you do that by putting a demand on your God-given gifts - in other words, doing more of what you do naturally. 

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My Marketing Process

I use a two-pronged marketing approach to ensure the most cost effective and efficient reach of your message, and needless to say, if it can be automated, I automate it so I can have more time off to spend with those two lovely people above, the rest of my HUGE, loud, gregarious family and my friends. I'll help you similfy your business in the same way.

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My Delivery Process

No, I don't mean the baby - that was 15 years ago now. But I use mainly videos, podcasts, blog articles and Facebook to get my message out to my audience and to get traffic to my website. I help you choose the right delivery platform and medium for you, though I recommend Facebook as a must.

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My Voice

Nope, don't sing, can't sing, but when I speak and when I write, I'm authentic ... I'm me. And whether we're having coffee, or at a mega important formal function, "I just got to be me ... free ... FREEEE!" You gotta sing that for me right, because remember, I can't sing. 😉 I encourage you to do the same ... give yourself permission to use your own voice. This one thing will increase your influence and your impact more than any marketing strategy in the world. Yes, I am so very passionate about people owning their voice.

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