Meet Trish

Hey there, I'm Trish Jones, The Storytelling Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Author. And I'm inviting you to find out a little more about me, The Influential Woman through my journey and my story.

Trish Jones: Wife, Mother, Inspirational Speaker,
Author, Storytelling Coach, Entrepreneur

I'm also a daughter, sister, auntie, niece, small group leader for my church and some days, I wear all of these hats!

I created The Influential Woman Coaching Academy to empower and equip women to Live On Purpose and be successful in their business, in ministry and in leadership, without compromising who they are as a mother, wife and home-maker, and a place where they are empowered and equipped to discover their potential and live a fulfilled life.

So on this site, you'll find practical, spiritual and mind shift, self-improvement and business building tips that will help you grow personally as well as grow your business so you enjoy everyday life without sacrificing your faith, family, friends and social activities. That's what I call Complete Life Prosperity.

I know from coaching and consulting with women, this is the life they crave, and it's yours for the taking!

So Who Is The Influential Woman?

She may not make the top 20 list of the most influential women in the world. And ...

She may only be one, but she can influence her world ...

She's a businesswoman, solo entrepreneur, ministry leader, work-at-home-mom, community leader. Her desire is to make a difference in life and in her business and be an influence in her home, community, place of work, church and to impact the world.

If you identified yourself in that statement, first of all, you're in the right place, and secondly, I'm personally honoured to be a part of your growing success and rise to your place of influence.

It's what our community is all about and we wholeheartedly believe that it is time for women to rise up and take our place of influence in life and business. So together, let's do this!

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God bless,


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My Story - And Why I Do What I Do

At 15 years old, I returned home from school to discover that my Grandmother with whom I was raised was brutally murdered in our family home.

Just months later, I was abused by a non-family member, and as if that wasn't bad enough, nothing could have prepared me for the discovery some years later, that the man responsible for my Grandmother's murder was my biological father.

It took me ÔÇőover 20 years to share the secret of the abuse, and I cannot count how many times during those years that I cried, lamented "God why me," considered myself unworthy of a good life and success, lived in fear of others finding out and worse, believing God was angry with me and that the abuse had nullified my purpose.

Today, I'm happily married to Mr Tall, Dark and Handsome and we share one oh so beautiful daughter. Oh and by the way, forgive my spelling, I'm British and I love my Queen!  

I Told You He IS Tall, Dark And Handsome! And That She IS Beautiful ...

And this is why I do what I do ... My mission is to help women rise up and take their place of influence in life and business. To help them let go of the deception that their past invalidated their purpose and instead show them that they were indeed "chosen for a purpose."
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My Audience

Well, if God told me I had only 24 hours to live, but I had to do something awesome in those 24 hours, I'd grab a huge human magnet, lift out every unhappy entrepreneur from their corporate employer's office, put them in a huge stadium and show them their potential. All this before releasing them into their greatness. So there you have it, I love working with passionate female entrepreneurs, ministry leaders, solo professionals and small business owners who are ready to make a difference through their message.

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My Expertise

"Everything's a story with you isn't it?" Even my little girl tells me this. So yes, I'm a storyteller. I explain (almost) everything with stories and I believe storytelling to be one of the most powerful marketing and transformational tools on planet earth. I therefore teach entrepreneurs and business owners how to market their message using real-life stories.

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My Offer

You can have me coach you one-to-one, you can hire me to speak at your next event, or you can come join us over at The Influential Woman Coaching Academy. I'll show you how to craft your most compelling story, exact the value from it and turn it into a message so your market hears you ... literally. My encouragement to you is that you "teach what you love" and you do that by putting a demand on your God-given gifts - in other words, doing more of what you do naturally. 

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My Marketing Process

It would be too painful for you if I laid it out here, but needless to say, if it can be automated, I automate it so I can have more time off to spend with those two lovely people above, the rest of my HUGE, loud, gregarious family and my friends. I'll help you similfy your business in the same way.

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My Delivery Process

No, I don't mean the baby - that was 15 years ago now. But I use mainly videos, podcasts, blog articles and Facebook to get my message out to my audience and to get traffic to my website. I help you choose the right delivery platform and medium for you.

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My Voice

Nope, don't sing, can't sing, but when I speak and when I write, I'm authentic ... I'm me. And whether we're having coffee, or at a mega important formal function, "I just got to be me ... free ... FREEEE!" You gotta sing that for me right, because remember, I can't sing. ­čśë I encourage you to do the same ... give yourself permission to use your own voice.

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What I've outlined above is The ´╗┐I´╗┐nfluential Woman PinkPrint in a nutshell.

It includes my 7 Step Marketing System that I use to simplify my brand, my business and my life. It's also the same PinkPrint I use inside The Influential Woman Coaching Academy to help women like you share their stories so they can achieve that same simplicity in their life and business. 

Now, remember I said earlier that your story doesn't have to be dramatic to change lives?

When it comes to sharing your story, it's how you tell it and the message you extract from the story that creates transformation in the lives of others.

My story has not only been my passport to the speaking platform, it got the attention of a publisher who contacted me to publish my story - resulting in me becoming a published author in 2007. ´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐And sharing my story is also the client attraction formula I use to coach other women in The Influential Woman Academy.

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