How To Get Back On Track When You've Been Derailed - Trish Jones | Life & Business Coaching For Female Entrepreneurs

How To Get Back On Track When You’ve Been Derailed

By Trish Jones | Business & Marketing


  • What to do when you’re moving along a path and you suddenly think, “this isn’t what I want to do, this isn’t lighting my fire. I don’t believe that this is my purpose.” 
  • Why not doing a u-turn could have massive consequences.
  • How to course correct without losing out financially and sacrificing your health.
  • The difference between a project and your assignment.
  • The tell-tale signs of someone who has chosen the wrong part of their story to focus on, and how to fix that.
  • Why there is no need to feel guilty about having gone down the wrong path, and how to move forward with Grace.
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Trish Jones is a Speaker, Storytelling Coach and Author, who empowers and equips women to create a business and life that's in harmony with who they are from the inside out by bringing more of their personality, their voice and their message to the marketplace. Trish would love to connect with you on Facebook.

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