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Adopting A Healthy Self Image So You Don’t Self Sabotage

By Trish Jones | The Influential Woman Podcast

Having a healthy self image is important for confidence, self esteem, productivity and ultimately, success.

But how do we ensure our self image remains healthy and we don’t end up allowing it to sabotage our success.

In an era when we talk a lot about being ourselves, being authentic and not being a carbon copy of someone else, I think it’s important not to lose focus on minutia … the things that ultimately do nothing for our success. In this episode, I talk about some of the trends I’ve noticed online that are not just an attempt to destroy women individually, but women as a community, and what we can do as individuals to change that and accelerate our own success as well as the success of other women.

And I’m not just talking about image in terms of looks, it goes much deeper than that and plays out in our business, often costing us weeks, months and even years of preparation to actually do the thing we really love to do, but failing to reach our goal time and time again.

Hopefully, once you’ve listened to this episode, you’ll feel free to let go of those things that’s holding you back, get your voice out there and make your message heard.

Enjoy, and remember to keep the dream alive,



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