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Magnify The Solution, Not The Problem

By Trish Jones | Personal Development Audio Quotes

“To shrink the problem, you have to magnify the solution. Too many people have been magnifying the problem and cannot hear the solution.”

Whilst I attribute this quote to Kerry Kirkwood, he was actually driving to work one morning when he asked God to give him a word of encouragement for his staff because they had been working so hard. God told him that He would give him a tool that he would be able to use to solve any problem.

So excited, Kerry was about to pull over so he could grab pen and paper to write down this magnificent tool God was about to give him. This is when he heard the simple solution he could apply to every problem.

So the next time you’re faced with what may seem an insurmountable problem, remember where to fix your focus … on the solution, and not the problem, because whatever you focus on expands.

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