Overcoming Fear

How to Overcome Fear

A good question to ask yourself is, “What would I attempt, if I weren’t afraid of failing?”

The Bible has a story of Jesus talking about the man who famously gave talents to three of his servants.

A talent was a large sum of money – in those days worth about 15 years’ salary. He gave the first worker five talents, the second two, and the third one.  This presented to each of them a great opportunity.

Wow, this was going to the moment that would define their future.

The talents presented each servant with the chance to identify and enhance their unique gifts. From hereon, there was nothing to hinder their passion. They could develop initiative, practice good judgment, and move toward their purpose. All the time profiting from their talents.

The first two men did exactly that, doubling theirs.

But the third was afraid of failing, so he buried his talent. 

But what could he possibly be afraid of?

Fear of people, fear of failure itself, and fear of rejection probably tempted him to bury his talent and these same fears can tempt you to bury your gift too. Don’t do it!

Unless you have the courage to start, you’re already finished.

Refuse to let fear stop you!

How you use your talents is a matter of the utmost importance. And the truth is, it’s the basis upon which you’ll forfeit your future goals be rewarded in your achievements. Waiting until everything is arranged perfectly can rob us of stepping out and trying stuff.

What fear does is make us react emotionally.

Then, we start doing all the wrong things.  We leave our passion and the path it has been leading us along, and we start grabbing for all we can get, wherever it comes from and then we start hoarding … just in case things run out.

We then abandon purpose and allow covetousness and greed to enslave us and stress us out in our drive to keep up with the Joneses.

Don’t let the fear of failure rob you of your future and what might be.

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