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It's true, I don't like selling. 
But I do know how to share my story so it does the selling for me. And in today's market,
a well told, strategically positioned story creates for you a better business.

I'll Help You Tell Your Story So Your Market
Hears You ... Literally

Trish's Story

I've built my business around my story and sharing what I know about online marketing and the art of storytelling. What started out as my mission to empower women to discover their purpose, resulted in my story getting the attention of event organisers (for speaking gigs) and a publisher who offered to publish my story. Today, I'm an author, coach and inspiring speaker who empowers and equips women to make a difference and an impact building their business around their natural gifts and sharing their message through their story.

Trish Jones: Inspirational Speaker, Coach, Seminar Leader

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Discover how to use storytelling to get your message in front of your ideal audience and effectively make more sales without sounding salesy. You'll leave this workshop knowing how to Craft Your Magnetic Story.


​How would you like to be naturally confident on stage and write in a way that others "hear you in text?" You don't need to faint at the thought of speaking on stage, instead  Let Me Help You Go From Nervous To Natural


​As a woman living in the 21st Century you don't need BIG Media or BIG Bucks to get your message out to the masses. Let me show you new and easier ways to Build Your Story Platform and Get Your Message Out There.

Why YOUR Story?

Stories influence, they grab your audience's attention and they transform lives. And telling your story
is also one of the most powerful marketing tools I know for putting your brand and your
message in front of your audience without sounding salesy! So What's In A Story?

No. 1

Your Message

Your story is a powerful way to get your message out to your audience. And if like me, you don't like selling, let your story do the work. Not only is your story your most powerful client attraction tool, when told with grace, your story can inspire and motivate as we'll heal invisible wounds.

No. 2

Your Voice

The only way to make your business uniquely YOU with less effort, is to live from the heart ... this is why storytelling is so powerful, especially when it's your own story. When you share your story, you remove the mask and share from your heart. This heart-sharing enables you to connect with your audience at a deeper level.

No. 3

Your Credibility

When you extract the value from your experiences, your story, your struggles, you create credibility, build rapport and establish yourself as a respected expert. Nothing else gives instant credibility than a well told story. (This is where I come in.)

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What Others Are Saying ...

Trish has been an incredible mentor, coach and guide on a personal and business level as well. Trish is the kind of woman that not only shares hope, encouragement and sound business advice, she lives it!

Kristine Gunn,