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"Those who tell the stories win hearts"

This is Trish Jones ...

If you have a message you want to share with the world, you hate selling but you're ready to make a global impact, I want to help you build your 21st Century online messaging platform by sharing your story.

Stories sell, they cut through the online noise, they have the power to transform lives and your authentic story told with heart, will be received with heart, initiating a life transforming experience in the lives of your listeners. 

Let's help you use your story as your passport to making a global impact. 

About Trish

After being told by two speaker agencies that  I would never speak on their stage until I had two published books and more experience, I built my own online platform. As result I became a published author and a speaker by attracting the attention of a publisher and event organisers.Today, as a business coach, I'm passionate about helping entrepreneurs build their own 21st Century online messaging platform so they never have to rely on third parties to get their message seen, heard and out there.

What Others Are Saying ...

Trish has been an incredible mentor, coach and guide on a personal and business level as well. Trish is the kind of woman that not only shares hope, encouragement and sound business advice, she lives it!

Kristine Gunn, Laguna Beach