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Your Personality Type In Full Colour – STT 0035

By Trish Jones | Speak To Trish Podcast

Elodie and I are talking about personality types in this Funspirational Friday episode.

It all began when Elodie noticed a book in my office when she was about 7, called It’s A Zoo Around Here, by Nigel Risner.

After perusing the book for a while, she said, “I’m the monkey aren’t I mummy?” I laughed so hard because it’s true, her personality type is just like the money in Nigel’s book. In essence, she’s the socialiser, the types who are extroverted, demonstrative and dynamic. She also has more than a touch of the director type in her too. Wonderful combination, just like her mother!

Why Knowing Your Personality Type Matters

Despite what you were made to believe from sitting in a classroom with about 20+ others, one size does not fit all and we all have a different way of learning, listening and understanding. 

The Monkey, as depicted in Nigel’s book is more of a visual learner, whereas the Elephants are the direct opposite. They like to analyse and the pay way more attention to detail than the fun-loving, lively monkey.

It’s been a BIG bonus to Elodie that I learnt about personality types and their preferences before she was even old enough to start school. For her, it’s meant us understanding that she needs to see it before she can understand it. This was true for me as a child, but it was never recognised.

So, I want you to do yourself a favour, go over to Nigel Risner’s site, and take his personality insights quiz for yourself. And if you have children, give them the gift of knowing and being comfortable with how they learn and who they are, so they express their gifts fully.

Take the quiz by clicking on this link.

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