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Let Trish Help You Build Your Online Business And 
Social Media Messaging Platform

If you're an entrepreneur, would-be entrepreneur, speaker, trainer, coach, consultant or author, you need an authority hub where your prospects can see all things you, but you also need your own broadcasting platform so your message gets seen and heard.

I work with a limited number of clients each year, helping them expand their online visibility so they get their message in front of their ideal audience.

If this is you and you need some marketing reach and tech help, I can work with you to ...

  1. Build a solid social media foundation - that isn't based purely on vanity metrics (the numbers) - but to help you reach, engage with and get your ideal audience to see your message and then buy your products and services.
  2. Set up your central hub (your website) with the 4 most important pages you need to get you maximising your outreach and bringing in customers fast.
  3. Set up your automated sales funnel so you can sell without selling even whilst you sleep, enabling you to give more focus to those things you do best as well as spend more time with those you love the most.
  4. I will work with you to recognise and use your own voice so you market your services using the medium that reflects your character and personality best.

Ready To Find Out Whether Working With Trish Is A Good Fit For Building Your Online Platform

Want to know what the process of working with me would look like? Below, I outline the marketing process I use to get you more visibility online.

The Online Marketing Process

    Including outlining your overall strategy for getting your scalable product/service into the hands of those who want the solution you have for their problem. Establish who they are and how you will reach them.
    One that educates your prospects about why you're the best solution to their problem, amplifies your message and automatically leads them to your offer.
    We will discuss which medium you will use to get your message and your offer in the path of your ideal audience - audio, video, text - and then we use what is called the Hare and Tortoise marketing strategy to ensure you get some immediate attention (the Hare strategy) as well as some long-term, seed sowing, harvest reaping (Tortoise strategy) to broaden your reach. NOTE ... You do not need to be on every social media platform to get discovered and you certainly do not have to be EVERYWHERE!

Ready To Find Out More?


Need some clarity about how your message and your social media strategy fit together? Why not schedule a Social Strategy Clarity Session with Trish.

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