“Wisdom is THE Principle Thing” ~ Proverbs 4:7

A Lesson On Wisdom From The Bible

If you’re familiar with the story of King Solomon in the Bible, notice in the book of Kings 10:24-25 what people paid Solomon for. And it wasn’t because he was King of Israel either … they paid him for his wisdom.

We read that all the earth (meaning the kingdom over which Solomon¬†ruled) sought him to hear his wisdom – the wisdom that God had put in his heart. And look what they paid him with … gold, silver, garments (not from Walmart ūüôā ), armour, spices, horses and mules, “a rate year by year.”

What Wisdom Are You Bringing To The Marketplace?

In other words, what “truth value” are you bringing to your market? And what are you expecting to get paid for that “truth value?” What is your rate?

Solomon didn’t need any more gold, silver or anything else … he had it all, but those who sought his counsel, including the queen of Sheba, understood something about giving something of value¬†in exchange for value. They knew that Solomon’s advice would fetch them much more than the amount they were giving him and so they willingly paid him much in return for his wise advice.

When your understanding of the value you bring to the marketplace matches the expectation of those willing to pay for your wise counsel, you will have more clients than you can handle.

What’s the easiest way to match your value with the expectations of your¬†market?

Inspire them, bring them hope and solve their problem!

That’s what King Solomon was doing, he was inspiring hope and at the same time, solving people’s¬†problems.

He¬†never doubted his wisdom, and the people who consulted with him never doubted he had an answer to their problem … so much so that his counsel would make a big difference to them and their families.

Solomon wasn’t afraid of charging what he was worth and neither should you.

So long as you doubt your abilities and the value you bring to your market, you limit your effectiveness and therefore your income.

And remember …

the bigger the problem you solve for people, the more people will pay you.

Solomon was solving some big problems, so his rate was commensurate with the overall value exchange between him and those he consulted with.

That’s a great place to start when thinking about what rate to charge¬†by the way.

Looking forward to learning about your wisdom and the “truth value” you bring to your market.

The Storytelling Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Trish Jones

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