Trish Jones: Inspirational Speaker, Storytelling Coach, Entrepreneur, Wife and Mother

Inspirational Speaker, Trish Jones

Trish gave her first speech when she was just 15 years old, telling her story of the tragic death of her grandmother with whom she was raised. Trish is inspirational, she’s a great storyteller and in all of her inspiring and storytelling, she’s guaranteed to educate, encourage, entertain and empower.

Here are just three of the keynotes Trish delivers:

Storytelling: “Imagine … There’s A Story For Everything …”

Whether you’re trying to change the culture of your organisation, build your brand or develop better leaders, you can do it with story, but you’ll want to do it without exasperating your audience, big or small.  So in this presentation you’ll learn:

  • Why the same story you were applauded for from the stage will flop when speaking to an individual
  • How to engage an audience even if they’re your opposite personality type
  • Your preferred learning style and how this has a major impact on tapping into your own storytelling potential
  • Why most storytelling formulas are boring and are designed to make you fail as a storyteller
  • How to tell stories naturally even if you think you’re not a storyteller

Wake Up Your Voice

Trish knows first-hand what it’s like to feel as though the events of our past have somehow disqualified us from being successful and living our best lives.

Wake Up Your Voice is a message that comes from Trish’s own experience of how you to give yourself permission to speak up from your heart, and to know the difference when you’re not. Your audience will feel inspired to show up and be 100% authentic in their lives and in their business so they inspire and make an impact in other people’s lives. In this presentation you’ll learn:

  • The hidden power of your voice and how to use it to confidently attract the right relationships and build a business that truly reflects you
  • How to identify your dominant gift and naturally flow in it
  • Defining your story and understanding that it has transformational pulling power
  • Why your voice is essential to you living on purpose and tapping into your potential

It’s All About Perspective – Trish’s Personal Story

Trish’s Grandmother, with whom she was raised was brutally murdered in her home when she was just 15 years old.  Whilst still mourning the tragic loss of her Grandmother months later, she was abused by a NON-family member.  

Though it often seemed as though her world had fallen apart, the one thing that enabled her to keep going despite all the odds, was her perspective and her faith in God.  

Basically, her perspective allowed her to keep focused on the future even when all within her wanted to cry out one minute and dwell on the “what happened?” and “why me?” questions the next.

In “It’s All About Perspective,” Trish presents how to maintain a healthy outlook on life even when the odds are against you. You’ll discover how not only to change your world but change the worlds of those around you.  You’ll also learn:

  • The power of perspective and how to keep it uncluttered
  • Why it’s important to take responsibility for your own life
  • How to discover your untapped potential so you perform at your best
  • How events, even tragic ones, shape your life for the better or for worse, and it’s all up to you
  • Why the meaning of “you are what you think,” is physical

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