Submission! A word I know that women in particular love … not!

But today, I’m going to clear up the confusion about submission and its negative connotations.

There is a protective element to submission that even too many believers in Christ ignore, but I discovered this many years ago by actually watching my husband’s “submission attraction” behaviour.

Submission used correctly is actually spelt LOVE.

But I can also think of a number of ways to spell submission if it’s used to cause harm to someone else … abuse, control, manipulation, are just a few words that spring to mind.

But relationships aside, there is another aspect to submission that I learnt today, and I admit, I wasn’t comfortable reading …

Basically, I picked up a sheet of paper that had fallen out of my Bible and as I looked to see what was written on it, it said, “submission is doing something you don’t necessarily like.”

Gasp! So here I am, about to record video, having not recorded a video for a very long time, and not wanting to record one either – because I’d rather hide behind my microphone and stick to podcasting – but now I’m challenged to the core. And I rose to the challenge.

Whilst it’s not the best video I’ve ever recorder, the lighting wasn’t brilliant and I took the advice from my husband and daughter that I could scrap it if I didn’t like it. the important thing is that I broke the barrier!

I was being submissive to God – because I’ve been putting off doing videos for the longest time, but I know I was being compelled by LOVE. God knows what is on the other side of my obedience.

I saw the quote below on Brendon Burchard‘s site today and had to share it here because it’s so apt …

Until next time,

The Storytelling Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Trish Jones

About the author Trish Jones

Trish Jones is a Speaker, Storytelling Coach and Author, who empowers and equips women to create a business and life that's in harmony with who they are - from the inside out - by bringing more of their personality, their voice and their message via their story to the marketplace. Download her story success blueprint to find out more ... The Influential Woman PinkPrint.

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