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Taking 100% Responsibility For Your Life

By Trish Jones | Personal Development Audio Quotes

Taking 100% responsibility for your life doesn’t mean it’s your fault. It simply puts you in control to fix what’s not working.

Now, when you tell some people that they have to take 100% responsibility for their lives, they will give you all the reasons they can’t move forward. They’ll rehearse all of the negative things that have happened in their past, who has hurt them and the life events that have broken them.

What they’re however failing to realise, is that they have a choice … a choice to either remain hostage in the prison that they themselves have created, or they can choose to create a new reality. One based on what they want their lives to look like.

By focusing on what they want, rather than what was, they take back the power to dream again and create a life that’s fulfilling and happy despite what their past may have looked like. And the bonus is that they now have the opportunity to release others from their prison. I want to encourage you to keep the dream alive and choose life.

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