Start With What You Got

Wow, I was browsing Marie Forleo’s site today and found a video blog that was created back in 2010.

Start With What You Got

The reason I’m wowed is because every woman wants to create amazing videos like Marie Forleo, and for good reason … they are awesome!

But just take a look at this video she created back in 2010:

Compare that to her videos now – and this one’s hot off the press – came though as I was writing my article:

In fact, if you hop over to Marie’s YouTube channel, you’ll see how she’s grown into the personality extraordinaire she is today.

But Preparation, NOT Perfection Led Her Here!

And I know it might sound a little crass to say I felt elated having seen a fuzzy ole 2010 video Marie created, but it felt good because now I can give me and all of you lovely ladies permission to start with where you are and go with what you gots!

I’m sure even the built in HD video cameras on an up-to-date laptop or your smartphone would shoot better video than that.

But Honestly, we’re our own worst enemy at times. We want perfection in everything we do and then moan when we don’t get the results. I mean, who needs an enemy when we have us!

The next time you’re tempted to think perfection, remember this …

The Conditions are never right to launch out and do something new, and if you observe the wind you’ll never sow, and if you watch the clouds, you’ll never harvest. It’s time to just move … go with what you got and start from where you are. Be confident in where you’re going and not where you are starting from.

I’m sure Marie would have had her critics even back then who would have a word of wisdom for how she could make her videos more professional, but I bet those same people can hardly open their mouths today. Actually, that’s not true, nitpickers will always find something to nitpick at, but you gotta just learn to ignore them and go do your thing!

Looking forward to seeing your face on YouTube soon or to hearing your voice on iTunes!

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