Let Me Influence Your World!

Let Me Influence Your World! – STT 0001

By Trish Jones | Speak To Trish Podcast

Talking Business, Spiritual and Lifestyle

Why I killed off my other two attempts at daily podcasting. If it doesn’t gel or inspire me, I personally can’t do it.

Life and business are one entity for me and so I can’t do the separatist thing … know what I mean.

But I still want to influence your world!

This format enables me to answer your questions, give tips, inspire … the whole enchilada!

Why I Use The Term Spiritual And Not Spirituality

This isn’t a “preachy” platform, and I make that absolutely clear, but when I talk about spiritual principles, they are Biblically based and I talk about God and not the universe. It might not make a whole lot of difference to some people, but to me, it’s important.

I have a gift of being able to relate everyday life with spiritual principles and after years of shutting it down, I’ve decided to just “come out!”

In fact, “coming out” is the only way to make a difference in your world … just be you.

I could be having a conversation with an atheist and I can relate something they’ve said with a Biblical principle. And, I have yet to have one of them take offence … not that they’ve told me anyway.

Wayne Dyer said,

“there’s a spiritual solution to every problem”

In fact he wrote the book on it, and I completely agree with his statement.

And then I relate the spiritual principles to how we run our business and live our lives … from a positive perspective.

I want to help you make a difference and influence your world and I’m sure you’ve had the “shoulda, coulda” finger pointing already, but that’s not my aim.

My aim is to inspire and educate. To give you the knowledge you need to get the job done as well as the inspiration to motivate you to do it.

How are you making a difference in your world? Tell me about it below!

Until next time,

The Storytelling Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Trish Jones

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