And she brought tears to my eyes…

webDSC00693Molly (on the left) is apparently now in nursery (pre school) and
Baby Annabell (on the right) is old enough to join her at school.


“YEH!! It’s been 8 weeks and I’m so looking forward to being in Reception (Pre Prep)”

Where Is My Baby Gone…? Not Forgetting The Four Years!

Where’s My Baby Gone!

“I’m so grown up mummy and daddy.”

All Grown Up

“What more can I say… I’m blessed and Highly Favoured!”

Put the camera away, Mummy

“I’ve had enough now mummy, you can put the camera away now”

She had a wonderful first day, loved every minute of it and I almost
almost cried again when I went to collect her. All the kids came
out to the playground to line up and there they all were with their
little book bags that the school had given them (or should I say
they’ll add to our bill!) that just made her look even more grown up!

Bless her!

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