How to Jumpstart Your Business, Increase your Marketing Confidence and Unleash Your Best Work Telling Your Personal Story


Crush it with Your Story!

Your story is the most effective resource you have for communicating your message. It's now time to benefit from sharing it.

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A video training workshop for entrepreneurs to help you
"Break Ground" in your business sharing your story

Do you wish you had the confidence to create a business around the things you love to talk about, do or teach?
A business where you could be ALL YOU and never have to wear that "professional" mask again?

If that's you, you're in the right place, and I want to reveal to you how sharing your personal story is your perfect passport
to sharing your message with the masses as well as creating a life and business you'll love.

In this Storytelling Workshop, You'll Discover:

  • Why Your Personal Story is Your Passport to Your Professional Success
    Telling stories date back to time immemorial and the reason storytelling is so powerful is because information when shared in story form is more likely to be remembered. In this training,  you'll learn how to use stories strategically so you get instant credibility and establish yourself as a respected expert. 
  • How To Craft Your Story So It Has Market Value and the Power to Win Hearts 
    Your story has power to elevate your message and connect you to your ideal audience. In this training, you'll learn the 9 steps to crafting your magnetic story in a way that will connect you to hearts and minds of your audience. You'll also discover how to get your message across with clarity using your story to sell your products and services without actually doing any selling.
  • How to Choose Your Magnetic Story so it Delivers Your Message with Clarity
    What story to tell and when to tell it is as every bit important as telling the story itself, and choosing the right story will ensure both you and your audience get maximum benefit from telling and receiving from it. Trish shares how to choose from the 3 types of stories and the 5 criteria for choosing your personal story.
  • Why It's Important to BE The Voice When Sharing Your Story
    So many people have disconnected from who they really are because somehow over the years, their voices have been suppressed. However, when sharing your message through your story it's important to understand that the messenger is as important as the message. You'll learn how to give yourself permission to use your voice so you become one with your message, enabling you to engage with your audience at a deeper level.

What Others Are Saying:

Kristine Gunn

"“Trish is the kind of woman that not only shares hope, encouragement and sound business advice, she lives it! ”

Maureen Campbell Harmony Body Care

"Even in the midst of a divorce you still managed to bring out my business potential and now I share my story about how I started my soap making business."

Louise Grogan Transform Your Life by Design

"Few people have talked about the power of your voice from the perspective Trish approaches it. The day I got my "aha" moment, was the day I felt ready to make my contribution and a difference in the world. Thank You Trish!."

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