How Jennifer Phillips Used Her Authentic Voice To Crush “Shackles” On X Factor

Use Your Authentic Voice

When it comes to being authentic and using your authentic voice, I’m sure like me, you often feel hemmed in by the need to create something original.

And we’re afraid of saying what someone else has already said or create something similar to what someone else has already created for fear of being inauthentic.

However, in this article I want to talk about how Jennifer Phillips, an X Factor contestant, used her authentic voice to crush, and take ownership of, Mary Mary’s song, Shackles, with her own unapologetic version of what’s already a brilliant song.

But first, let me just say that when I talk about voice here, I’m not speaking about singing voice or tone. I’m talking about being you from the your very core … your heart.

Second, the rest of the article will make more sense to you if you watch the video first.

I’m sure you’ll agree …

Jennifer Phillips Was Totally In Her Element

  • Her smile came from the heart and lit up her face which said, “I’m loving this!”
  • She naturally entertained throughout her audition and even asked the crowd at one point, “can you feel me?”
  • I’m convinced that she was so deep in her flow, she was improvising at times
  • Her presence wasn’t just heard by the audience and judges, it was felt, so much so that even Simon Cowell had to give her standing ovation

What Jennifer Phillips accomplished with this song, is almost the equivalent to what Whitney Houston did with Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You.” In other words, she owned this version not merely because of a great remix, but because the song was a full expression of her and she was able to manifest that from the inside out.

But here’s the important thing to note … the judges were put off by her original song choice, Beyoncé’s ‘Halo,’ which goes to show …

Just Any Song Won’t Do

Allow me to directly relate this to business for one moment …

If you’ve been struggling to shift your business into another gear, it may not mean that you’re in the wrong business, it might just mean that you have to come at it from another angle,

An angle that enables you to fully express your voice from your heart so you’re singing the right song for you, to the right audience.

And whilst I get that everyone wants to write the original article, create an original product, write the original song and be known for well, being original, one of the best ways to be original today is to follow the advice that one of my mentors, Alex Mandossian, taught me, “don’t invent, improve.”

Because remember …

“there is nothing new under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 1:9

So whatever it is that you’ve been thinking about but too afraid to voice because you weren’t the original dealer, it’s time to get it out there with heart because your audience may not want to hear the same thing from someone else, but they may be more than willing to listen to you.

How’s that for a perspective on authenticity.

Now take your beautiful voice (heart) and go brighten someone’s world.


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About the author Trish Jones

Trish Jones is a Speaker, Storytelling Coach and Author, who empowers and equips women to create a business and life that's in harmony with who they are - from the inside out - by bringing more of their personality, their voice and their message via their story to the marketplace. Download her story success blueprint to find out more ... The Influential Woman PinkPrint.

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