The Impact of Consistently Changing Direction Or Course - Trish Jones

The Impact of Consistently Changing Direction Or Course – STT 0033

By Trish Jones | Speak To Trish Podcast

The implications of jumping from job to job, house to house, opportunity to opportunity, church to church, looking for that perfect something can be a bigger stumbling block to success than most people realise.

As I once heard T Harv Eker say,

“how you do anything is how you do everything.”

It’s kinda like having a Nomad spirit … unsettled in everything you do, even your business.

When you don’t stick to something, you train your mind not to believe anything you say and though you can go into something with the greatest of intentions, it won’t be long before you feel unsettled and you’re off onto the next thing.

Good intentions are good, but you have to have the stickability to back up your intentions.

You have to decide what you want and stick with it … give it time to work because that perfect thing you’re looking for doesn’t exist, you have to create something that will work for you as you work it.

However, you’ll never know what good looks likes let alone perfect if you never stick at it long enough.

Here’s the video that accompanies today’s podcast:

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