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How To Attract More Money Without Lovin On It

By Trish Jones | Success & Mindset

I love it when I speak with “self-righteous” folk who say, “I don’t love money,” but yet, they have thousands stashed away in the bank and they buy the cheapest butter, the cheapest breakfast cereal – just the cheapest of everything because they’re afraid of spending.

“Because” and “afraid” are the the operative words here by the way, and you might be shocked to learn that that is also a form of loving money. Ouch … and you thought you were just being frugal.


Whether or not you’re a Bible believer, there is a spiritual answer to every problem. Wayne Dyer even wrote a book on it. 🙂

I stumbled on the video below some time ago whilst reading a newspaper article and  I would have died unhappy had I not shared it with you.

If you agree with me that principles are principles and they work for anyone who puts them into operation, I believe you’ll get an ah ahhhh from this video, especially if you’ve been struggling to make money trying to get your business to work well, or you’re putting way too much sweat equity into your business, only to get a few drops of water out.

It is 57-minutes long and so you don’t have to watch to the end … but I think it’s worth it.

Sean Hyman, a financial analyst, is selling an investment product at the end of the video (very reasonably by the way … I was shocked) which you may or may not be interested in (and I wasn’t, but will buy his product if I ever decide that investing is for me – just not right now) but it’s the core of his message that I’m most interested in sharing with you.

Opportunity Minded People vs Business Minded People

Whilst Sean Hyman doesn’t use those specific words in his video, his words of wisdom illuminated what’s been going on in the home business and Internet Marketing space.

Only a few weeks ago, I asked myself, “why is it that on social media, the people who cry  “I’ve made loads of money” doing this tactic or “I have all of this material wealth” get so much attention from those who have been following the same kinds of people for years and yet, they’re still broke! Or broker.

I call them “Opportunity Nomads” … they have no base and they have no foundation. They just jump from one opportunity to the next, depending on whose shouting the loudest about getting easy money easy fast . It’s a sad reality but it’s true.

This video highlights exactly why those people never amass wealth and what they need to do if they want their situation to change.

A huge part of the reason why, is what I might simply call lazy, but it’s lazy in a way that we wouldn’t define lazy and this is the reason I’m NOT going to tell you what it is.

You need to not be lazy and go watch it! 🙂

It’s 57-minutes that could change your life … if you’re willing to take this simple (and I mean this with no hype), simple ACTION.


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