Funspirational Friday - Against All Odds - STT 0040 - Trish Jones | The Entrepreneurs Storytelling and Personal Branding Coach

Funspirational Friday – Against All Odds – STT 0040

By Trish Jones | Business & Marketing

Elodie tells the story of Leonardo da Vinci and how he succeeded against all odds.

Leonardo da Vinci taught himself, maths and English and would draw things around him. His father showed his work to a friend who owned an art school and Leonardo da Vinci was accepted into the school.

After sculpting the angel, because the owner of the art school had never seen anything like it, he ended up closing the art school because he was so awed by da Vinci’s work he felt it couldn’t be replicated.

Apparently, so Elodie says, he was quite self absorbed and rarely finished anything he started. That said, he still inspired her and hence the reason she wanted to share his story.

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