Why Living Life On Purpose Is Key To Your Success

Life on Purpose Is About Solving A ProblemIf you asked ten people to define success, you’ll likely get ten different answers. 

My answer would be “living life on purpose” and I’ll explain why I believe it’s central to success shortly.

Some time ago, I read an article written by Craig Ballantyne of ‘Early To Rise.’ In defining success, he wrote: 

There is no one thing that makes you “successful”. For some, it might be raising a healthy, happy, tight family. For others, it might be helping dozens, hundreds, thousands, or millions of customers. I suppose if there is one common thread among all areas of success, it’s the “Adding of Value”. My definition of success is, “If you are adding more value to the world than you are consuming, then you are well on your way to success.”

It was the “Adding of value” that left the biggest impression on me as I asked myself whether I was adding value to other people’s lives.

But HOW do you add value to other people’s lives on a consistent basis?

I believe the answer is to become a problem solver. It’s the fastest route to success and has everything to do with living on purpose … and I mean EVERYTHING.

Solve A Problem And You’ll Succeed 

Direct Response Marketer, Gary Halbert, addressing a room full of smart marketers some years ago challenged them to consider what one thing would make a restaurant business profitable and successful.

The answers varied from having a great brand name, to the secret sauce and even location, but here’s the answer Gary gave them …

“All you need is a starving crowd”

The crowd have a problem, they’re starving or hungry and you have a solution to their problem … food!

So The point? Find what your prospects are ‘starving’ for and feed it to them. Or another way of putting it, is to solve their problem. 

When people tell me they don’t know what their purpose is, even though I know they’re looking for the answer to “is there a meaning to my life,” what they “think” they’re looking for, is a some specific career path.

I’m here to put you out of your misery though.

Purpose is not a job title or a position … but it is a mission, a calling or a vocation. And you can’t have a mission unless there is a problem that needs to be solved. 

Can you imagine how boring the film ‘Mission Impossible’ would have been if Tom Cruise had no problem to solve!

There was a purpose to “the mission” and what kept Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) focused on his mission even when he’s accused and pursued by his employers for causing the mission to fail,? It was his passion to solve the problem and protect his girlfriend.

Was Hunt successful?

Absolutely! He solved the problem and was rewarded and honoured for it. 

One of my mentors, Mike Murdock says it like this:

Every time you solve a problem you show honour, and every time you show honour you attract favour and everywhere there’s favour, there’s money

That right there, is the key to your success.

You were sent here to solve a specific problem, not to find an occupation, though the occupation can be the vehicle to solving the problem and you fulfilling your purpose. 

Your Mission Is Possible

At the start of the film, Mission Impossible, Ethan Hunt’s partner, Jim Phelps, is told, “This is your mission should you choose to accept it.”

You do have a choice in whether you accept your mission. Your job is to figure out what problem you’re going to solve and provide a solution to solve it.

When you solve a problem, you will be honoured for it then you will attract favour from others who will be willing to pay you to solve their problem.

The significance of this in relation to success and living on purpose is that you solve the problem first! You can’t have the reward without first providing the solution.

Steve Jobs was cash poor when he had the idea of putting a personal computer every desk. People thought he was crazy and his idea impossible. But though no longer with us, Steve Jobs is known worldwide as the man who changed the world through technology.

And though you may not think of yourself as a Steve Jobs, it’s not the size of the problem that you solve, it’s the fact that you start.

Only you will know what problem you’re destined to solve, I can’t tell you that, but you will know because your heart won’t defy you.

You may have to do a little searching, spend some quiet time with yourself dreaming like you did as a child when you had no cares or worries to focus on, but I know for sure, what you’re looking for isn’t out there someone, it’s already in you … you already have it.

In my next article, I’m going to talk about passion and how that can change everything.

Not everyone can easily identify their purpose, but I’ve personally found that it takes far less time for people to discover what they’re passionate about and your passion can definitely lead you to your purpose … and to your success.

Until next time,

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