The Power of Failure

You only fail if you decide to give up, and Kyle Maynard had to choose not to give up for many more reasons than most people.

But lets face it, no one likes to be called a failure even though it can be the biggest step-up to success.

It’s not about deliberately going out to fail, it’s about giving it your best shot and still missing the mark, but appreciating that your failure stretched you.

Something as simple as dressing yourself, as Kyle Maynard learnt, could be the difference between being dependent and living a sheltered life, or choosing to be independent in many ways and embrace freedom. 

No One Fails Sociology … And Certainly Not Twice!

When I was at college, I failed Sociology (or social studies) twice. Yes, it took me three attempts to get a pass in a subject that no one failed!

My lecturer was patient but others ridiculed and asked in shock, “how can anyone fail Sociology, not once, but twice.”

But that was then, and this is now. The same people who ridiculed, are shocked by my knowledge of social behaviours and psychology, and I didn’t go all out to prove these people wrong.

Over time, I just became more aware that certain behaviours resulted in certain outcomes, and I now believe the seed of my understanding was sown from my failures in Sociology.

There was one particular element of the course that stuck in my mind, and it was about attitudes and how they’re developed … through family, peers, culture, religion. school etc.

So when they brought in a coaching culture within the organisation I was working at the time, whilst other people tried to follow coaching scripts, without thinking about it, I was focused on attitudes and behaviours.

In fact, I coached some people out of the organisation. Not in a bad way, but the job was killing their confidence and making them miserable.

One of the supervisors I managed at the time, always walked with his head down. He was afraid to take holidays for fear of the mess people might discover in his absence, and he would hardly look you in the face when he spoke.

That same supervisor started walking through the restaurant with his head high, asked for help when he didn’t know what to do and eventually left the company to travel the world.

What was his issue? A relationship failure endorsed some childhood fears that hadn’t been dealt with. On top of that, everyone called him a failure but, I could see the diamond in the rough.

So I Failed Sociology … Twice!

Had I not failed Sociology two times, I really don’t know that my coaching perspectives would be as established as they are today. 

Had Kyle Maynard not spent an hour that day struggling to change his clothes, who knows what the quality of his life would be like today.

And what about you?

What do you have to attempt again, though you failed once, twice, three times or more? 

You’ve gained power from all of the previous attempts and it’s waiting to propel you in the direction of your dreams. But it’s also needing you to make your move.

Don’t quit, you’re too precious for less than the best.


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