Take Out One Giant At A Time in 2013…

Make 2013 CountHappy New Year to my friends in Honk Kong and anywhere else in the world that have already celebrated the start of 2013.

I’m sure you’ve had all of the emails suggesting you buy this, that and the other program before 2013 if you want to have the best year ever but this isn’t one of those blog posts.

I just want to encourage you to “take out,” meaning “kill” one giant at a time in 2013.

It’s fine to buy the mega expensive courses and kid yourself that you’re going to nail this Internet Business thing in 2013, but let me take some of the financial burden away from you …

“decide which giant you’re going to kill first and then go for it with focused energy.”

Yes, I’m talking about being a “Giant Slayer” and if the tools and services you’re going to buy are not going to help towards killing that giant, leave it where it is!

At the end of 2006, I asked myself, “who do you want to be known as, Trish?”  I looked at people like Alex Mandossian who was known for Teleseminars and direct response marketing, Michel Fortin, copywriting etc and I realized that what I’d been doing was dabbling and getting nowhere.  At the time, I was building blogs for friends and getting clients by recommendation but blogging just didn’t seem “sexy” enough … I wanted to be like one of the big guys with Internet Marketing Muscle.

By the end of 2006, I came to my senses and decided to build my consulting business around blogging and I was amazed how doors just started flying open.  I even ended up doing some work with Alex Mandossian which, I would never have dreamed possible.

At the end of 2007, I decided that we had to get more of our finances in order and my husband and I focused on debt managment like credit was going out of fashion.  Our focus on being out of debt has moved us forward in leaps compared to the situation we were in.

And this year … I was determined that my husband would be in good health.  On Christmas day, my husband sat down and ate Christmas dinner with my loud family after months of running away from even myself and our daughter because of the loud ringing in his ears.  

I don’t care how many emails you’ve received today telling you it’s the final deadline before that great discount is removed, if you don’t decide to slay a giant in 2013 with focused energy, you’ll get to the end of it and wonder where the year has gone and wonder why you have such a big hole in your bank account with nothing to show for it.

I’m not discouraging you from buying, but if you do, ensure the kit includes the catapult and the stones that will take off that giant’s head!  That’s all it took for David … He picked up five stones but he only needed one!  Why?  As far as David was concerned, that giant’s head was his even before he swung that first stone.

If you know the story of David and Golliath in the Bible, you’ll know that once David took out the giant, the Philistine army who had plenty of mouth when their leader was in charge, dispersed in fear. 

So, when you take out one giant, you’ll find a whole load of other issues come tumbling down too.

I hope I inspire you in 2013 to become a Giant Slayer and run away from mediocre.



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