Stop Pushing And Pull!

It’s been an interesting week in Social Media with the changes on Google+ including the New +1 and the great news about the ability to make phone calls from Google+ Hangouts.

The social media landscape is changing, period. And I know people are still resisting despite me singing the same song over and over. And if they are delving into social media, too many marketers are doing it all wrong … they’re pushing instead of pulling!

Pull Strategies On Social Media

Recently, I wrote on Google+,

 Pull Strategies for Social Media

Someone in my circles responded,


I actually agree with this 100% and was in fact saying the same thing but couldn’t have communicated that very well. :-(

But I was also trying to say that you want to shed those who are not there to do business … buying or learning.

Here’s an example …

Since joining Google, I started noticing something interesting … it was a haven for people who wanted to preach! More so than Facebook in my view.

Yes Christians in the main, but YES also anyone who had a business. So sorry, you’re not exempt even if you’re not Christian! 

I noticed how people just wanted to “push” their business or ministry and it really got on my last nerves.

What was also really evident was how the Christians seemed to want to convert me! I’m 46 and been a believer since I was 13, “I ain’t your captive audience!” 

Pushing Is When You Lack Business Discipline

One Christian lady left the community I started for Female Entrepreneurs because I asked her nicely to keep her updates business related. This was following a few unrelated posts on the book of Psalms. I love reading my Bible, but all I was asking was that she make her posts relevant. Instead, she took umbridge and departed.

What I was trying to say in my “not well put” update, was share, discuss and post things that form the core of your business and those who are just there to preach at you or merely socialise will leave!

I’ve had a number of Christians uncircle me since I started updating Google+ with information about SEO, WordPress and social media. I am 100% happy with that especially since I’ve changed my strategy to focus on business only and not ministry on Google+. On Facebook? This is where you’ll see more of my Christian related posts. Preaching alone won’t pay bills and thanks to Ronnie Bincer and Mark Traphagen, they made me understand the SEO implications of not being focused in Google+. Thanks guys.

But yes be friendly, yes absolutely build relationships, but if the majority of your updates are going to be about what you had for dinner, where you’re off to right now and has nothing at all to do with your business, who do you think you’re going to attract?

In my view, Google+ would just become another Facebook but in a new location. 

This past week, there are been moans about the New +1 and people complaining that Google+ doesn’t work for them. One person commented that she uses Google+ “occasionally” and it doesn’t work. To me, the answer is in the operative word “occasionally.” Dabbling is not engaging. It shows a lack of business discipline and results in a “Push” rather than “Pull” strategy. It shouts, that you’re there only to get rather than to give. 

Remember that a pull strategy creates less resistance.

So How Do You Know You’re Pushing Rather Than Pulling On Social Media:

  • when your updates mainly consists of “You” and what you have to say
  • when you go to your profile page on Twitter, Google+ or Facebook and your updates display only your news … no shares and no comments
  • when few or no one likes, retweets or +1 your updates
  • when no one is talking to you! You get no comments, no sharing of your posts … just “un” pure silence

Basically, you know, because you’re almost Billy NoMates unless you post a cute picture of a cat or your cute baby or something really personal.

Yes, post those things, but if these are the only thing that get’s people’s attention, it says a lot about your social influence as far as your business credibility is concerned. And I’m sorry to say, this won’t pay the bills.

But I can only say this because I’ve done it! Been there and worn out the T-shirt! 

Conversely, Pull Strategies Are Akin To Attraction Marketing And Include …

  • First of all, taking an interest in people … doing business doesn’t mean disengagement or being “cold”
  • Find people who share your interests and share their posts and get involved in their conversations
  • Join a community if you’re on Google+. I’ve deliberately excluded Facebook Fan Pages because you only have to look at them to know that the author is USUALLY the one to start the conversations. It works for some and so I won’t criticise, but I see Facebook pages as another “preacher’s” platform. That said, join a Facebook Fan Page and engage!
  • Link to interesting articles that your target audience will enjoy and can learn from
  • Help people. Yes, that means give away your hard earned knowledge for FREE! Get this, no matter how many videos you present to me on how EASY it is to change a tap washer, I’m going to employ a plumber and that could be you. What your video tells me is that you know what you’re doing and so I should hire you.

Pushing is hard marketing and it’s hard work. Pulling is based on attraction so engage in ways that make you more attractive.

Until next time,

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  1. says

    Hi Trish,
    I like the part where you wrote”… share, discuss and post things that form the core of your business…”
    It makes writing a blog more interesting, sounds less technical or like a sales pitch with no “heart beat”. It forms a nice blend and brings the writer to a more accessible level…someone people can connect with. In other words, it brings some “soul” into your text. When we reach readers through what we write, we reach human beings composed of many facets. Therefore, share, discuss, and post from the core of our business, sounds like a plan to me! i-5

    • says

      I couldn’t have said this better Louise. Put some soul into your writing! This is the reason I’m always encouraging entrepreneurs to drop the corporate speak even if their target market is corporates, because even corporations are made up of individuals … who as you say, have a soul! :-)

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