Stay Within Your Boundaries

Magnifying Glass FocusIt’s so easy to get caught up in work you think would be good to do without appreciating that this will often cause you to lose sight or diminish the effectiveness of what you’re supposed to do.

Healthy Boundaries Are About Time And Accomplishment

When you’re 12 months away from a project deadline, it always seems as if you have forever. But each day you fail to deliver on an element of the project, it’s another day closer to the deadline and before you know it, launch day is around the corner.

When I speak of boundaries, I don’t mean “hemming yourself in,” I mean freeing yourself of unnecessary baggage or weights is what the Bible calls them. They’re not necessarily bad for you, they’re just distractions that takes your focus off the main thing.

Healthy boundaries create time and space whereas unhealthy boundaries eat up time and create clutter, and not necessarily physical clutter, but mental clutter.

And This Is When The Drama Starts …

Now all of the things that were once important to you have been pushed to the back of your mind whilst you clear up the mess or clutter from all of the extra baggage you’ve picked up.

A few days ago, I saw a homeless man wheeling his entire belongings on a cart. The cart was so well organised, but the man couldn’t even see above it. It was even well covered with a plastic sheet so that the rain wouldn’t destroy his belongings, but protected though they were, he had to push that cart everywhere he went.

Because he didn’t have a home to organise and leave his belongings, and although he was free to walk the streets and go wherever he wanted to, he was in bondage. He had no healthy boundary … one we would call home.

The drama may have started when he decided to live on the streets, but now the real chaos is the fact that he has to travel around with everything he owns.

The Same Thing Goes On In Our Minds

Don’t feel sorry for this homeless man and dismiss the fact that slowly, the same thing is happening to you, only in your mind.

Today it would be good to … (you fill in the blank). Tomorrow it would be good to … (you fill in the blank) and before you know it, you’ve picked up so much rubbish, you don’t have time to deal with what was once priority.

So now the deadline date is upon you and you know you won’t finish the project.

Where you were once finanically stable, the extra tasks you decided to take on, kept you busy from future-proofing your income and your bank balance is proof that something has gone wrong.

This stuff happens and it happens fast …

Stay focused!

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