Learn Less And Study More

Learn Less Study MoreWhy are we always seeking for new information when we need something to change in our lives?

I find it interesting after a conference or seminar or a sermon, when people say, “It was nothing new, I’ve heard it all before.”  

If they walked into that room to listen to the speaker as a guru or someone of affluence, I could understand it, but I always have to bite my lip not to say, “so you’re all right then!”

But people do that, they seek new information, sit on the edge of their seat waiting to hear the latest “wow” and yet, even when they do, they do absolutely nothing with it.


Because tomorrow they’re off to get another “wow” fix and by the time they’ve heard this new “wow,” they’ve forgotten about yesterday’s “wow.”

They’ve given themselves no time to consolidate the “wows.”

I watched a great video of Darren Hardy being interviewed yesterday where he encourages people to Learn Less and Study More.

In industry, you would be called a specialist and yet, when it comes to personal development, we all too often resort to be a generalist … know a little about a lot of things.

The difference is huge in that study takes you deeper and gives you a chance to break up unhealthy paradigms as you learn whereas, when you gather information, it often remains just that, information … in other words, it changes little or nothing.

Have you fallen into the information gathering trap instead of studying your way to great things?

Let me know your thoughts,

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