If You’re Going To Insist Your Blog Is Evergreen And Timeless …

And if you’re going to insist therefore that your blog doesn’t require a date, then for goodness sake leave out the yesterday, today or anything that’s going to make it timely.

Speaking of Seth Godin, a content publisher wrote:

Yesterday, he wrote a very provocative post on why he is “Moving On” from the traditional world of book publishing in order to connect directly with his readers. This has created a stir on the Internet.

Well, what do you think my first reaction was? To go look for the date of course … but there was none. Fortunately the blog publisher left the dates within the comments but I’m still going to suggest it’s not as effective as having a date.

I know this is a bit of a rant, but if you must insist that your content is evergreen, then help the reader by keeping it that way.

I think you rob both yourself and your reader by doing that, but maybe it’s time for me to leave this soapbox. 

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