If You Want More Traffic, Give Your Blog A Central Theme

In my experience of running my own blog and working with clients, blogs are most effective when the majority of the posts relate to a central theme. It’s what I call theming your blog.

To an extent, it’s fine combining your personal and business blog, but when you start adding a mix or unrelated rambles, expect the consequences.

Why Theme? 

Since I started blogging in 2006, theming your site was always my mantra … “stick to a theme because it’s easy to target your prospects and therefore attract the right customers.”

Over the years, I’ve watched as some of the marketers moved away from theming their sites and and merged everything from personal to kids to church life.

There are however times when this kind of blogging has it’s place, but …

if you can’t link it to the content of your site, it really has NO place on your blog!

One of the programs I purchased some years ago, was Joshua Shefran’s NPOD system. In the course, Joshua talks about the Oholics … you know, like the chocoholics? You get people who are Travel oholics, people who are Personal Development oholics and people who are Health oholics, just to name a few.

These people love what they love and they want to talk about it, experience it, speak to other people about it … they are the evangelists for what they love.

Now, let’s say you try to combine a health blog with a personal development blog. It can work IF your objective is to focus on your central theme of personal development and then add elements of health that pertain to personal development. However, if you try to talk about the two without this level of interlinking, you’re not going to satisfy either of those two markets.

Let me use my site as an example … My central theme is blog marketing, specifically as it relates to WordPress. In the diagram below, you can see all of the other categories that I’ll be talking about on my site, all of which are relevant to the central theme.

Blog Marketing Categories

You might look at some of them and think … “abstract,” but I’m confident that all of these have relevance to my central theme of blog marketing.

Notice I even talk about wellness as it relates to business and health, but I’ve called that category “wealthness,” a combination of the two words, Wealth and Wellness. I actually thought I had made it up and then went online to find others were using it. Oh well.

I do have a general theme for something that really doesn’t fit … like my tribute to Margaret Thatcher and Whitney Houston. 

But in any event, I moved away from this “themed” model recently and I paid dearly for it. Even I would visit my own site and ask, “who’s your target market and what’s your blog really about Trish?” If I was asking this question, can you understand how others felt when they landed on my site? The’ll probably just make their feelings known with their mouse  – “click” on the back button!

So What If You Do Want To Digress From The Central Theme … Now What?

The place for the parafanalia is your social networking sites.

On your social sites, such as Facebook and Google+, you can talk about your kids, what you had for breakfast and what you’re up to this evening. And for those of you who think no one cares, trust me they do!

They don’t want to know what you’ve had for breakfast per se, but they want to know you! And when you come from behind your blog and get a little personal, believe it or not, people love it! Show them your human side and you’ll build deeper relationships.

And don’t get me wrong, get personal on your blog … oh yeah, I do, but make it relevant to why you’re blogging!

I would love your feedback on this … how has theming or not theming your site affected your blog traffic? Tell me what you think in the comments section below or better still, come and connect with us over at Facebook


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  1. Jeanne Costello says

    Trish, Susan directed me to your site and I am in a battle because I am not sure any of this works together, so this is really appropriate for me. Thanks for your expertise and for posting this

    • says

      Hi Jeanne,
      Tell me what it is you’re specifically struggling with and I may be able to answer it in a post or create a short video. If you’re battling, there will be others who share your battle so let’s see if we can’t get you to win, win win!! :-)

  2. says

    Same frustrations come up for me here.

    My list began growing (slowly) when I offered to provide insights about monetizing social media and making one’s own opportunities. I definitely want to revamp some elements of that message. Fortunately, I’m not making a big jump as if I were marketing myself as a health expert soon-to-be divorce coach or something.

    When my blog traffic improves, I’ll definitely let you know :)

    By the way, I think there may be some typos in the paragraph that starts with ‘But in any even…’

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