What Is The Core Message Of Your Business?

Your Core Marketing Message IsI can’t tell you how many times I’ve run away from the “make money blogging” ideology, and it’s not because I’m against making money or even against (some of) those who promote the make money blogging ideas.

What I see too often though, are the opportunity seekers who tend to love the concept of blogging to make money but who lack what it takes to run a business online.

It’s not good enough to think, or worst teach, that you put up a blog, create a few articles and “they will come.”

It’s not even good enough to think or teach create a blog, create the best articles and they will come.

Come they might, but:

a) do you have anything to offer

b) will they buy, and 

c) does what you’re asking them to buy fit in with the overall concept of what you write about

Ah, that third one made you think didn’t it?

That was my aim and I want you to ponder it for the next week. I want you to do your homework and take a look at some of the “long-livers’” on the Internet.

Too many of the by-gone marketers remind me of pop stars, with their one hit, overnight sensation, never to be seen again. And if you follow these people, it’s going to be hard and you’ll be next.

And then there are those who have maintained consistency in their message which has been seasoned over time.

I’m talking about:

- Jay Abraham (known for direct response marketing and copywriting)

- Dan Kennedy (known for direct response marketing)

- Alex Mandossian (known for Teleseminars)

- Jay Conrad Levinson (known for Guerilla Marketing)

All of these people have one thing in common … they all have a core message in what they teach about, preach about and sell.

And what they sell is usually directly related to their core message.

These people don’t jump from one offering to the next depending on what tactic is the flavour of the moment. The tools of delivery might well change, but their core message remains the same.

What Is Your Message And What Are You Selling?

Seriously, if there is a disconnect between your message and what you sell, making money online is going to be a whole lot harder.

We’re no longer in 2008 when it was easier just to sell any and everything to your readers. Today, your readers are wiser and many of them have seen all the “buy me please” products.

Today, you have to theme your site, make your message clear and ensure that the products and services you sell are solving a problem.

If you’re not solving a problem then you have a lovely inspirational blog which people will just frequent to get a daily dose of your inspiration. This is no strategy for making money. Don’t get me wrong, inspiration is good, but if it’s not mixed with practical business application, it’s path will lead to failure, no matter how inspired your readers become.

Offer A Solution And Change Their Story

When you have a site (be it blog or static site), that highlights their problem, agitates and then provides a solution to your reader’s problem, you become a solution provider or a business doctor

And when you consider what a doctor does, you would never go to him or her if they asked you the questions and then offered you three unrelated prescriptions … one for backache, one for acid reflux and another for gout, depending on what the “drug of the week” is! You’d think he or she were nuts! 

But online, this has become the norm … “offer of the week,” with little knowledge of either the product they’re selling or the market they’re selling too.

Don’t get me wrong, affiliate marketing is alive and well. However, the real winners online are those who have a foundation … a message and a solution.

How about you? Does your business have a foundation? Do you know what your core message is, and what problem are you solving for people?

This goes way beyond just aiming to “make money blogging,” and is, a more sustainable business model.

Go create something awesome by starting with the concept of “their problem first!”

Until next time,

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  1. says

    Trish, I like you insight and agree with what you say. I think there is way to much information out there these days and it is a challenge to focus down to our clear offering. Focus on “their problem first” is the key.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. says

    Agree with you Trish, good advice. I’m just not too sure if my Blog as is, meets the Criteria as listed above. And I think that the Marketing of it need some attention. Just taking it Step by Step.

  3. says

    Absolutely great topic for me.

    I can’t remember what I was listening to or reading about, but it had to do with the voice and the message of our business. Our voice in the sense of our style of voice, the fingerprint of how we communicate, a voice of transparence, of conviction, or just in the style of “we simply say it like it is.”

    I soon realized that I have not really found my voice and my message for Transform Your Life By Design. If I were to be asked this question, I would not answer without hesitation. I would look like a deer in headlight. Reality hit me. I had been “too busy” to think about what is really important.

    I have clear awareness the right structure is in place, what the best media vessels for me are, that my business name is spot-on, my designated coach has arrived –this would be you Trish—, the team is strong, and the financial conditions are highly in my favor, which proves what I teach that money never comes first. See, I have the financial aspect of it down, however, I am blocked (for now), until come clear with what is my voice and message. Now, please, with all humility. I do not have a silver spoon in my mouth, but it just so happen that the financial aspect is comfortably covered.

    In any event, as I was reflecting on what my voice and message are, and getting in touch with that question —not without any little anxiety mind you—-, it came to me, from afar, to be clear, this soft voice, again from afar saying that my voice and message will defined themselves over time, and as I move forward even in doubt. The reason it that TYLBD contributes an approach to life in a format that has not reached its maturity for now and has yet to reveal itself one layer at a time, and the conditions for this to see the day are still in the makings. That is weird….isn’t ? Let me tell you, Louise here, type A, go getter, energetically driven, “where are my results” kind of girl was a bit shaken. This message was challenging for me. However, something convincing is leading me to believe, stay focus on what I am doing, trust, and keep on keeping on. I guess my husband/close friend believe in some of this for he is a strong pillar in my life. Go figure…

  4. says

    Yikes! Biz conviction right here. I have been refining and refining and refining my theme yet it still could always use, heck, more refinement. I am clearer on it. The real challenge now is communicating it clearly. What bothers me sometimes is that there are some other successful entrepreneurs who knock people like myself for not being clear on my clear idea. Dammit, sometimes it takes time you know? I don’t even like hearing that phrase, but it is okay. Make mistakes. Move on. Make some more. Make less in the future. It’s all part of the process.

    • says

      Hi Sandra,

      I admit, I’ve been meaning to do a follow up to this article since I know you and others and even myself at times have had problems honing our message. And as you quite rightly say, it takes time. It is also true that the clearer we are, the more intentional we become and the more people we’re likely to attract.

      I visited your website and it was quite clear to me that you were all about the creative lifestyle, whether it was in your writing, marketing or consulting. You’re more likely to attract those creatives and it is those people who will give you your energy.

      Don’t get so specific that you lose that creativity. The most important element of your message is that you be yourself … always. And traditional marketing, often led by men (not being sexist, just saying) has often been so formula driven that they forgot the people.

      Another article I’ve been itching to write is how the web is going female … in our approach, our writing, style of communication and so I say, “girl, you capitalise on it!” You’re doing a great job!

      All the best,


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