Building Your Personal Brand From The Inside Out

Personal Brand Building

If Your Personal Brand Isn't Speaking Up For You, You're Not Branded! If you spoke to me about branding two years ago, you'd find my eyes glazed over with boredom and in truth, try it today and you might still find my eyes glazing over. Why? Because branding is often associated with look and feel … [Read more...]

Turn An Opportunity Into Something You Believe In

Turn Opportunities Into Passion

I'm not a great fan of opportunity seeking, especially if you're new to business since I believe it can zap your energy and lead you in the opposite direction to your purpose and destiny.   However, I do believe you can turn an opportunity into a successful business which can ultimately lead you to … [Read more...]

Is Content Marketing The New SEO?

Content Marketing - The New SEO

If you're marketing online to make your message sell, you'll want to pay close attention to what's going on in the industry where content marketing and SEO are concerned. THE C > T > P > M Formula I was an early adopter of content marketing before I even knew it had a name - if indeed it … [Read more...]